Eén van onze favoriete festivals Blijdorp Festival staat bijna weer voor de deur! Op 11 augustus is het eindelijk zo ver. Elke festivalganger weet dat een geslaagd festival begint bij de bodem die je legt. Daarom hebben breakfast diner by Jarmusch en Blijdorp de handen ineen geslagen om samen fantastische prijzen weg te geven. Wij waren benieuwd naar de favoriete bestelling van regular customer en bedenker van Blijdorp Festival Frankie Dros. Lees snel verder!

Do you have a certain morning ritual? Get up early or sleep in late?

I try to sleep as long as possible, so when I’m almost sure I’m going to be late, I rush out of bed and eat some cereal under the shower while brushing my teeth.

Take us through your day/night at Blijdorp festival
I wake up with an adrenaline rush realising this is THE DAY. I take a look outside and see the sun is shining which makes me very happy. I head over to the festival and have a beautiful day of partying with my friends and family while enjoying the music played by different artists that I’ve worked so hard on to book the past few months. At 22:30hr we meet with the team and pop some champagne to celebrate the day, which is always a lovely moment. After the festival, I head to BAR for the afterparty where I play some tunes. About 24 hours after I woke up it’s time to hit the sack.

If we’re having breakfast at by Jarmusch, what would you recommend?
The Mancakes; This secret pancake recipe is not even on the menu and contains pancakes, bacon strips, eggs, butter and sirup. It’s my favourite order when I have a busy day ahead because you’re probably full till around 16.00hr.

Favourite wake-me-up song/track?
I prefer to wake up with the ‘The Do You Breakfast Show’ by Charlie Bones on NTS Radio. Every morning my ears get blessed with songs I have NEVER heard before. I can recommend it if you want to try something else.