Eén van onze favoriete festivals Blijdorp Festival staat bijna weer voor de deur! Op 11 augustus is het eindelijk zo ver. Elke festivalganger weet dat een geslaagd festival begint bij de bodem die je legt. Daarom hebben breakfast diner by Jarmusch en Blijdorp de handen ineen geslagen om samen fantastische prijzen weg te geven. Wij waren benieuwd naar de favoriete bestelling van regular customer en DJ Jeff Solo. Lees snel verder en check de Instagram pagina van by Jarmusch voor de give-away!


Do you have a certain morning ritual? Get up early or sleep in late?
I don’t have a specific ritual. My schedule is often very irregular, sometimes I have to get up really early, and sometimes my appointments/work starts in the afternoon.
When it comes to sleep it’s also all over the place. After the weekends I always try to sleep early, but most of the times I fail miserably and never get to bed before 02.00.

Take us through your day/night at Blijdorp festival
The last couple of years I always had a second gig before or after my gig at Blijdorp, so, unfortunately, I always missed a lot of stuff I wanted to check out. Finally, this year is going to be totally different:
I will be there the entire day! First I will be helping out with setting up the technique for the Operator stream before I head over to the Yardbird stage for my set. After that, I’m gonna do some serious partying and definitely going to check out Bradley Zero, Legowelt, Hunee, Antal and of course my buddies Nino From The Woods & Chaiba. I hope the afterparty is in BAR (aka my favorite club in Rotterdam) again!

If we’re having breakfast at by Jarmusch, what would you recommend?
I consider myself a food lover and I always push myself to try new or different things. Today I decided to go for a vegetarian option (I reduced my meat consumption drastically the last couple of years and try to keep my diet sort of sustainable) and I had a craving for scrambled eggs. I would def recommend the ones I had with the following add-ons: tomato, hash-brown (this was mandatory for me today, because you can’t really find this anywhere else in the city) jalapeno’s (I just love it spicy), onions, and I topped it off with some Tabasco (more spice!). 

Favorite wake-me-up song/track?
I really don’t have a favorite song for this specific moment, because I use this moment to discover new music. I do this by shuffling between Operator, NTS and Red Light Radio on my Sonos speaker.