New collaboration: tea from Wilder Land

New collaboration: tea from Wilder Land

Our lovely Servicedesk colleague Merel pointed out a new tea label to the HIG team. Because we consider sustainability important and like to continue to surprise and inspire our community, you will now find the unique flavours of Wilder Land in the HIG kitchens.

Building recovery
Wilder Land is a young, sustainable Dutch tea label. Founders Daan van Diepen and Matthijs Westerwoudt discovered that almost all herbal teas on local supermarket shelves come from abroad and that drinking them, therefore, goes hand in hand with many kilometres of transport. A shame, they thought, which is why they started looking for a way to produce quality local tea. So no depletion of the earth, but constructively building on the recovery of Dutch biodiversity.

The methods of Wilder Land
Wilder Land works with farmers to boost biodiversity. Farmers are large landowners who manage more than 65% of the Dutch land area. By sowing their native herbs and weeds on the edges of fields and meadows, Wilder Land creates opportunities for essential pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. They leave at least half of their plants so the seeds can be spread over the land by the wind after flowering. Nature is slowly taking over, and things are getting wild again.

(Un)herbal tea
The other half of the herbs are harvested for their tea blends. They are put together by tea sommelier Anne Adams, are beautifully packaged and have funny names such as Holy Smokey, Offline and F *cking Fris. Anyone who drinks (un)herbal tea from Wilder Land directly contributes to restoring Dutch biodiversity and can count on a nice boost. What are you waiting for? Put the kettle on and pour yourself (and, of course, your colleagues) a nice cup!

Curious? Order a sample pack via the Wilder Land website.