Jan van der Ploeg

Jan van der Ploeg

The oeuvre of Jan van der Ploeg (Leiden, 1959) is very extensive and widespread. His work can be found in (private) collections on almost every continent worldwide. From Tokyo to Sidney and from Marseille to Rotterdam! The Dutch master of graphic artworks on canvas and walls with different surfaces. He cannot be limited to just the interior space, and a diverse spectrum of dimensions does not seem to be a challenge at all for him.

For HIM, Van der Ploeg created a beauty of an entrance: a colourful spectacle in the entrance hall of Het Industriegebouw. This mural, which passers-by already notice from across the Goudsesingel, fits in well with the graphic visual style he has so carefully developed throughout his career. It is intriguing for the viewer to see how his work, which is, in fact, two-dimensional and has no perspective, nevertheless has a strong spatial effect. This effect becomes extra powerful because he integrates the architectural details of a room (pillars, frames, windows) into the artwork. As a spectator, you are almost part of his art.

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