Sam Drukker

Sam Drukker

Once you have admired a work by Sam Drukker (Goes, 1957) up close, you can hardly help but immediately recognize the rest of his oeuvre. His sketches, drawings and paintings are so stylish and unique.

Drukker is an established and valued player in the Dutch cultural field, confirmed by his nomination as Artist of the Year in 2011. His powerful figurative portraits can be seen in the collections of the Rijksmuseum and the Jewish Historical Museum in Amsterdam, among others. But he is also represented internationally; for example, in the Museu Europeu d'Art Modern in his second home city, Barcelona.

As a painter, Sam Drukker is considered to belong to the fourth generation of De Groep van de Figurative Abstraction, an art movement based on a clear interaction between art and architecture. This vision comes into its own in the particular ceiling painting he realized, especially for HIM on the highest point within Het Industriegebouw.

For more information about Sam, visit his website.

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Interview Sam Drukker